Cynthia (CeCe) Brown CEO/Founder

Cynthia (CeCe) Brown, leads CRC with her specialized background in human resource management, business administration, and accounting. Prior to forming CRC, she spent 14 years providing soft skills and job-readiness training services in her community.

Our Mission

CRC is an alternative staffing organization (ASO). Alternative staffing is an employment strategy that uses a temporary staffing business platform coupled with supportive services, to help people with obstacles to employment enter and advance in the workforce. These obstacles can include job inexperience, criminal histories, supervision of probation or parole, and issues related to mental illness or substance abuse.
CRC focuses on helping employers, job seekers, and the community. We provide high-quality screening with an emphasis on skills-matching and retention. We also support candidates through training and development programs, and collaborations with community partners.

Meet the Team

Our staff is highly trained and come equipped with years of Industry experience.

LeeVan Roundtree

Job Developer & Acct Mgr

Erica H-Vincent

Job Developer & Acct Mgr

Priscilla Battle

Office & Case Mgr

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